Espoo Yacht Club

Espoo Yacht Club is an active and action oriented sailing club. The activities are based on three main base functions: junior sailing, sailing competition and leasure sailing. The focus of action is our harbour at Nuottaniemi in close connection with Western Espoo and Helsinki activities.

The Club was established in 1967 and we have close to 900 members and over 500 boats in our register. The active junior training and competition includes tens of children and our sailing basic courses touch more than 150 kids every year.

The target of Espoo Yacht Club is to fill Nuottaniemi with active and joyful sailing activities and ensure family sailing to all. The club member meetings, common sailing activities and parties combine the members to have fun and enjoy life. Our training activities target to enhance the art of sailing among our members. Junior and young sailors trainig starts with sailing basics ending up with goal-oriented competition training.